Staff Network Groups

We want to create an environment of inclusion at BCP Council, where all colleagues feel respected, valued, listened to and safe; where we recognise diversity and the added value it brings.  

Our Staff Network Groups provide a safe space for our colleagues who work at the council to raise work-related issues that may impact them and their colleagues, and to discuss what the council – as a major employer and community leader - can do to improve their experience of working for BCP Council. 

The main aims of our Staff Network Groups are to: 

  • provide a safe space for discussion of issues
  • help to raise awareness of issues within the wider organisation 
  • provide support for individual colleagues who may be facing challenges at work 
  • offer a collective voice for colleagues to senior leadership 

Our Staff Network Groups

We currently have the following Staff Network Groups in place: 

  • Race and Cultural Diversity 
  • LGBTQ+ 
  • Religion and Belief 
  • Disabled Staff  
  • Women's Group 

Corporate Management Board champions

We also have allocated members of our Corporate Management Board (CMB) to be Staff Network Group champions. These champions provide support and a voice at a senior level within the council and will help advocate for progress and improvements. 

How to get involved

When joining BCP Council further information on our Staff Network Groups will be available on our BCP Intranet. The groups are open to all colleagues; however, the women's group provide a safe space for conversations between women only. New members are accepted at any time for all groups.