Our aim at interview is to appoint the best person for the job. An interview panel will ask you questions based on the job requirements and your application. This will be your opportunity to show them what value you will bring to the role.

Any specific information or instructions relevant to your interview will be included in your invitiation. Please note the following general information about interviews at BCP Council.

Documents to Bring

You must bring to interview proof of your Right to Work in the UK. This can be your passport or alternatively a birth certificate along with an official document stating name and National Insurance number. If you choose to bring your Birth Certificate and your name has changed since birth, please also bring the relevant legal supporting documentation. EU or EEA nationals may bring their National ID card. If you are not a British national or the holder of an EU or EEA Passport, you must bring your original passport as proof of your eligibility to work in this country or official Home Office status document. Full details of acceptable documents are available on

You should also bring certificates of qualifications mentioned in your application which are relevant to the post you have applied for.

In some cases you should also bring:

  • Proof of Membership of Registration with Professional Body where relevant to the post - this will be stated on the person specification
  • Driving licence and insurance documents if the post you are applying for requires you to drive
  • For posts in Children and Young People’s Social Care, you should also bring your original birth certificate and if applicable, marriage certificate, together with documentation relating to any previous marriages.


For some posts, successful candidates will be asked to complete an online Disclosure & Barring Service check. To support your DBS application you will be required to present your original ID documents.

If present these documents at a later date would be inconvenient then you may bring them to your interview. The DBS Administrator within the service will check and copy the documents and hold them securely to process your DBS check, should you be the successful applicant. If you are unsuccessful the copies will be confidentially destroyed. A list of suitable documents can be found on the DBS page on

If you already have a DBS certificate, and are registered with the DBS Update Service, please inform the interview panel of this. If you are the successful candidate, we will ask for your permission to access the DBS Update Service and we would also need to view your disclosure certificate.

After the Interview

Unless otherwise stated, an interview panel member will contact you with the outcome of your interview.

If you are unsuccessful they will offer to give you feedback. This can happen straight away or at a later convenient date when you feel able to absorb the information.

If you are successful, an interview panel member will usually call you to ask if you would like to accept the conditional offer of employment.

At this stage we will need to conduct recruitment checks and obtain any necessary clearances. Please see our guidance on recruitment checks for further information.